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MIS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM in AOYAMAをご利用いただくには、当サイトからメンバー登録をお願いいたします。 メンバー情報の登録後に以下のサービスが受けられます。

  • Booking Calendar Pageから、15:00〜18:00までの1時間ごとのクラスを予約をすることが出来ます。
  • Student My Pageから、予約の確認、キャンセルの手続きが出来ます。
  • Student Class History Pageで受講履歴を確認することが出来ます。
  • 1科目1時間に5人までご予約可能です。満員の場合は時間表にCLOSEが表示されます。
  • 予約は、Booking Calendarページの時間表のコマの○マークをクリックして、予約手続き画面に進みRESERVEボタンをクリックしてください。
  • 予約時もしくはャンセル時に、確認メールを受け取ることが出来ますので受信をご確認ください。

To use the MIS AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM in AOYAMA, Please register as a member on this site. After the registration of members information, you will get the following service.

  • Using Booking Calendar Page, You can book classes from 15:00-18:00.
  • You can use student my page to confirm or cancel your reservation.
  • You can check your attendance history on the student class history page.
  • We can reserve up to five students in one section per hour. If it is full, “CLOSE” will be displayed.
  • When You book, Click on the time frame on the booking calendar page, Please proceed to the reservation procedure screen and press the “RESERVE” button.
  • You can receive a confirmation email at the time of the booking or cancellation. Please confirm.

AOYAMA’s class will be below.

  • Art Class – teacher Meg
  • Baking Class – teacher Meg
  • Computer Class – teacher Dianne
  • English Class – teacher Jane
  • Japanese Class – teacher Mariko
  • Music Class – teacher Cindy

※ 本サイトにメンバー登録された保護者様の予約に限りブッキングさせていただきます。

About Class

Arts Class : teacher Meg

Art is a great form of communication and of expression. Students can make use of their imagination through art and improve their creativity.

2-3 years old:
Students will be able to begin to identify some elements of art. They will learn to explore creativity while at the same time enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Students will also develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

4-5 years old:
Students will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with a variety of media and tools to express their feelings and ideas for creating artwork. Students will increase their awareness of aesthetics in art.

6 years old:
Students will learn how to communicate their feelings through art. They will learn about the work of various artists and be able to design their own work in the chosen artist’s style.

Baking Class : teacher Meg

Baking and cooking can help students develop self-confidence and skills in the kitchen.
Following the recipes helps them to be independent, also teaches them to follow instructions and improve their math skills, such as counting, weighing, measuring, etc.

Computer Class : teacher Dianne

In a world increasingly dominated by technology, basic computer literacy is an important professional and personal skill for young children to develop, even at the earliest levels of education. We at Marie International School have 3 levels for our computer program—Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Level 1:
For Beginner class, we will be learning about the basic parts and uses of computer with fun activities.

Level 2:
For Intermediate class, we will be exploring the most available computer software—MS Word. Learning the basics of MS Word benefits students to create new innovative methods of learning.

Level 3:
For Advanced class, we will be introducing MS Powerpoint. Students will explore and be able to create, use and edit slides. It aims students gain valuable tech skills.

Join me as we develop essential skills with fun and engaging computer lessons!

English Class : teacher Jane

English has become the world’s most widely use language and the need to learn English for kids has increased exponentially with its growth, and starting to learn english since childhood is the best time. MIS is offering an after-school class that develops their language skills and verbal ability. Our English conversation class are divided into 3 levels: Beginners class, intermediate Class and Advance class.

Level 1:
Beginners class, this are students who doesn’t know any basic english. Basic conversation, phonics and simple vocabularies will be introduced.

Level 2:
Intermediate class, students can make simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation but need much more vocabularies. Talking and using the language to practice as they learn grammar and reading excercises.

Level 3:
Advance class, students can speak and understand very well but sometimes have problems with unfamiliar situations and vocabulary. There will be discussions individually and group presentations and a lot more to increase the vocabulary strength of the students.

Japanese Class : teacher Mariko

Since we live in Japan, let’s enjoy learning Japanese. In our class we will be speaking Japanese basic words, writting letters of Hiragana and will learn the Japanese culture. We at Marie International School have 3 levels for our Japanese classes.

Level 1:
Beginners class,
Students who don’t know any basic Japanese. Greetings, basic conversation, simple vocabularies will be introduced.

Level 2:
Intermediate class,
Students can say greetings and know some basic vocabularies. They need to know more vocabularies that suit the situation and understand how to make sentences.

Level 3:
Advance class,
Students can make simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation and additional vocabularies. Talking and using the language to practice as they learn grammar and reading excercises.

Music Class : teacher Cindy

In the Music Class, kids will learn how to play the Ukulele, while being introduced to basic musical elements such as rhythm, melody, expression, and harmony. Learning how to play the Ukulele will help kids develop and explore their musical abilities. It’s small size makes it perfect for their cute little hands, it is easy to learn, and also super fun! After finishing the Music Class curriculum, the kids will be able to play their favorite songs using this little musical instrument.